Elisa Frank

Freelance Writer/Editor


Environmental & Science Expertise


I am truly in my element while crafting thoroughly researched and cleverly composed articles, white papers, technical writing, website copy, blog posts, brand journalism, brand content, scripts, slide decks and more. I am comfortable in a broad range of topics and some that fascinate me most include adaptation to climate change, sustainable cities and food systems, and environmental justice. Some of my writing and editing services are available in Spanish.


I specialize in meticulous and insightful developmental editing and line editing. My developmental editing explores the big picture usually early in your writing process to ensure the organization, flow, and voice, among other elements, most effectively communicate your intended message. My line editing is a sentence-by-sentence process that gets into the nitty gritty of aspects like word choice, syntax, and consistency. Sounds tedious but I love it so leave it to me!


Selected Work & Press



"I’m a nature and science nerd to the max. As a kid, if my dad called from across the house that a nature documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough was starting on public television, my mom, brother, and I would drop what we were doing and run (I mean truly RUN) to the family room TV. I grew up spending most of my time either enthralled by the imaginative or fascinating worlds I was transported to in books, or outdoors, hiking, birdwatching, carefully lifting rocks to observe bustling ant colonies, and gazing with amazement through my brother’s telescope.

My bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental geography gave me the technical frameworks with which to continue exploring and interpreting dynamics between humans and the natural environment, of which we are an inextricable part. I am constantly driven to learn and share knowledge in ways that inspire action.

When you work with me, the thoroughness, clear and efficient communication, and outstanding quality that set me apart ultimately set you apart."

After stepping away to work on other projects, I am in the process of updating my website and will be relaunching my business soon!

Elisa Frank